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Benefit vouchers for members

After you have registered and logged in, you will receive all Benefit VOUCHERS from our local partners for excursions / outdoor activities.

All benefit vouchers can be used for an unlimited period of 1 year!

We already have a partner network with discounts of up to 35% in the following countries / holiday regions

All Benefit Vouchers can be used indefinitely!

In addition, members get access to an exclusive online booking portal with up to 70% discount on selected hotel and flight bookings.

  • Austria
  • Egypt
  • Bali
  • Curacao
  • Germany
  • Dominican Republic / Punta Cana
  • Gran Canaria
  • Kenya
  • Koh Samui / Thailand (coming soon) - NEW 2023
  • Croatia
  • Madagascar
  • Mallorca
  • Mexico / Yucatan Peninsula
  • Portugal
  • Sansibar (comming soon) - NEW 2023
  • Sri Lanka
  • Switzerland
  • Tanzania
  • Teneriffa
  • Turkey (coming soon) - NEW 2023
  • United Arab Emirates

The benefits always depend on the respective holiday destination and the respective local partner. The benefits can therefore vary in amount and performance.

Discounts of up to 35%, up to special insider tips, or a unique experience, such as a meal in a local restaurant or a visit to a secret place, which normal guests do not get.


  • Curaçao - 10% discount from 3 people on the regular tour price of the operator
  • Dominican Republic - 35% discount on a regular tour price of the operator
  • Kenya - 15% discount on a 3-day Masai Mara tour (2 nights)
  • Mexico - 20% discount on a regular tour price from the organizer
  • United Arab Emirates - 25% discount on a day trip (German language) to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and 15% discount on a desert safari

Everything that makes a vacation special, beautiful and unique!